Monday, February 3, 2014


Until last week, it had been 21 years since we saw icicles this long,
 and after an extremely cold winter, we hope this little ice age is over!


Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Fabulous photo! I love the angle you used. Our icicles weren't nearly as long!

SmilingSally said...

Hi Janet,

Brr, cold up there! Thanks for sharing this interesting blue.

Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.
Happy Blue Monday!

Lola said...

Brrh! Great shot!

Visiting from Blue Monday

LV said...

Here in Texas a few weeks ago, we experienced the same thing. We never get weather like this. It is very cold here now.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

It has been a strange winter. We broke so many records here this year. I saw some icicles from roof to ground. wish I had had my camera. Visiting through Sally's Blue Monday, hope you can come by and visit. Blessings, Debbie

William Kendall said...

For your part of the continent, those are big icicles. Terrific shot in that light!

I didn't have a camera with me that day, but earlier in the winter I saw icicles on a house here hanging from the roof, down below the second floor and halfway down the first floor.

Lois said...

I had icicles like that hanging from my bird feeder last week and that was definitely a first at my house!