Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crimson Tide BLVD

It's December Theme Day, and City Daily Photo Bloggers
 are posting their versions of "My Street." 
Well, this isn't the street where I live, but this corner says a lot
 about the loyalties of University of Alabama sports fans, especially football.

This afternoon, the Crimson Tide meets the Georgia Bulldogs
 in the Southeastern Conference football championship over in Atlanta.
 The winner plays Notre Dame for the National Championship.

Can Alabama win it yet one more time?


hamilton said...

Glad you explained the "Crimson Tide" reference!

Inverness Daily Photo said...

crimson tide sounds gorgeouse - my street is here.

Tanya said...

this is a perfect choice!

Lowell said...

How funny. Football fans are nuts. And I've got to play golf tomorrow with a goofy golfer from Alabama! Guess what I'll hear all about - for 4 long hours! ;-))

Jack said...

A clever choice for this month's theme. I am watching the Alabama-Georgia game. 'Bama is trailing at the moment. I would like to wish you good luck, but my mother-in-law went to Georgia so peace in our time demands I support the Bulldogs.

Buck said...

A neat way to look at the theme!

Janet said...

Well Jack, it was mighty close. While I pulled for Bama, at the end, I thought, "Why isn't Georgia calling a timeout?" Didn't realize they had used 'em all. Really sad for the Bulldogs. They are a great team!