Monday, July 30, 2012

YAWN, It's Monday!

YAWN, It's Monday!

Here is yet another gator mount on display at the Central Alabama Farmers Cooperative
 in Selma. These gators were caught during the 2011 West Central Alabama gator hunt,
 and you can see them through August. Meanwhile, preparations are under way
 for this year's hunt. Fifty tags are out, and the hunt runs for two weekends
 in mid-August. 

Alabama became the first state to protect alligators back in 1938,
 but the reptiles increased in numbers enough that regulated,
 small-scale hunts are needed to help manage their population.   

P.S. This picture explains why I am not a river rat!


Jim Klenke said...

i would freeze if i saw that coming at me

magiceye said...


Lois said...

That sight reminds me to stay out of anything but my daughter's pool because we have a saying here in Florida that where there is water, there are definitely gators.

Anonymous said...

Living in the NW where basically there isn't much 'to get you,' I can't imagine being afraid of the water... my what big teeth you have!