Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunset from New Orleans

Patrons of the New Orleans Bar & Grill in Selma not only get great Gulf seafood
 and local farm-raised catfish but a beautiful view of the Alabama River.
 We visited the restaurant this past weekend to celebrate our oldest son's
 25th birthday, and I see that the restaurant has added an outdoor bandstand.  


Tanya said...

what a beautiful setting and happy birthday to your son!!

Kate said...

Looks like a delightful place to dine. I love seeing the bridge in the background. Happy birthday to all!!

This is Belgium said...

happy belated birthday to your son !!
great shot
I try to remember this place for my next visit
and by the way... I will have to come up with a link Belgium/ London Olympics or good excuse in order to post the pics on my blog... plenty of time for that

Rambling Round said...

I know, Anni. Instead of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," you can title your posts "A Belgium Photographer at the London Olympics!" :)

Aiketa said...

This is such a beautiful place!!! And looks like the perfect place to celebrate your son's 25th Birthday!!!
I wouldn't mind celebrating my 25th Birthday next November there... Happy Birthday to him!

Regards from Barcelona.