Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Social Porch

The midday sun isn't kind to southern skin, so why not join us on the social porch at Brownstone Manor? 
A porch without steps, friends can know by just passing by whether you are accepting visits today.
If the doors to the porch are open, then come on  around to the front door! 

The owners of this home furnished the porch Victorian-style for the Selma Pilgrimage this weekend.  


Lois said...

And I'll take a glass of sweet tea please!

EG Wow said...

How elegant!

me said...

i believe I'll have a mint julep :)

That bridge on your header photo is amazing, great design.

Rambling Round said...

Thank y'all! Come on down, and we'll ask the owners to let us have a tea party!

Rob said...

Beautiful porch for a cup of coffee.

Moon said...

I love this picture!