Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buying Local

Randy Chandler has been selling
his Chilton County peaches in Selma for 10 years. In addition to buying a basket of delectable peaches, you can place orders for his wife'’s wonderful peach preserves by asking ahead. Peaches, beans, tomatoes (green and red) peppers (all varieties)
melons, cucumbers and more are available fresh from the garden at the open air Farmers' Market at Bloch Park on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

(Note: Chilton County peaches are world famous! If you are traveling I-65 through Alabama and notice a peach water tower, then you know you're in Chilton County.) Selmians are lucky to have huge, sweet peaches just a neighboring county away!

Thanks to Christine Weerts for contributing this photo!


Jacob said...

I'm very envious. The peaches we get around here are usually hard as a rock and have no taste at all!

Julie said...

I love juicy peaches from the local market. A good choice for today.. I have enjoyed your comments on my website. Sorry for the delay in responding as I went to a photography workshop the past week and I went to a cultural workshop about the fruit of the saguaro cactus and the Tohono Oodham Indians who harvest it each year, and I actually harvested some of the fruit from the very tall saguaros. We will see if I have learned some new skills to improve my photos and I will share some of the experiences with you on my website.

Anonymous said...

I am almost sure you won't believe this but the sight of those peaches made my mouth water.

Lenora Regan - said...

love those peaches...yum!

Baruch said...

Oh my, those peaches look so yumm!

D said...

Oh...there's nothing like Chilton County peaches!