Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plantation Office

This antebellum structure from Roseland Plantation has been renovated as a plantation office museum on the grounds of Sturdivant Hall. It is open for tours on special occasions such as Spring Pilgrimage.


Tanya said...

What was the building used for first? I just noticed that the gray paint on the steps is the exact same gray on my steps outside! Must have been a big sale on it in 1860, lol :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It's so white! I like it. :)

Kate said...

Tanya's question is my question, too. It looks too small to be a residence. Good shot!

Rambling Round said...

Hi Tanya and Kate,
This building originally was a doctor's office. However, it was renovated for museum purposes as a plantation office, because Heritage Village (across the street from Sturdivant) already had a 19th Century doctor's office on its property.
Thanks for asking!